Wednesday, February 8, 2017


IF the human race and nations and governments were truly sane and civilized, ... then.....
* ​ poverty would have been eliminated and millions of children and adults would not be starving to death annually, yes ? ... I'm talking about REAL sanity.
* nations would not be spending TRILLIONS of dollars a year on "necessary" military expenditures and wars and "intelligence-gathering agencies" like the CIA, the KGB, M-6, the Mossad, etc. etc.
Notice please I said TRILLION$ of dollars. TRILLIONS.
* crime, - and especially violent crime would be eliminated and there would be no dire need to spend hundred & hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars on jails, prisons, police forces, and an overloaded judicial system trying desperately to "get at the truth" and then dispense justice.

IF the world were, in fact, truly sane and civilized...then...
* all people would be taught decent human, Christian values and how to apply them.
* all people would be taught basic parenting skills and how to properly discipline their children so that they do not grow-up joining "gangs" or becoming insane criminals and drug-dealers with no respect for Law and governing authority (including elders).
* IN A SANE WORLD, children would be tested every 3 or 4 years in order to discern their main abilities and aptitudes, and then encouraging them to be trained and educated in where they are strongest and most able. - this includes vocational training.
* IN A TRULY SANE WORLD people would learn early on the vital and over-riding truth that respect and reverence for Life and the planet is the essential duty of every human being.
* and perhaps most of all: people would learn (beginning at age 1 to 100) that love, caring, empathy, and kindness are to be valued and rewarded above all else in Life, - for THIS AND THIS ALONE is what makes us truly human with the spark, the flame, and Light of the Divine within.

Let us therefore do our best to make the world (and our own personal world) SANE & CIVILIZED until Jesus comes back (as promised) and makes all this (and much more) fully manifest upon the earth.

~ Len Hummel, 2/8/2017 ~
Cebu City, Philippines
Clearlight Ministries International
* Jeremiah 9:23-26 *
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