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THREE POEMS you NEED to read, see, and FEEL...

THREE POEMS you NEED to read, see, and FEEL...

*a poem & thought I HAD to write out and send out to my fellow man...*

I cannot help but weep & weep & weep for the oceans ... and all the wonderful little living, striving, dying creatures THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ENORMOUS ATROCITY !  dolphins especially, - so free, so beautiful and full of laughter !

What can we DO about this ongoing and accelerating POISONING OF THE PLANET we live on as A GIFT ???!!! poisoning of the food-chain, the destruction of Mother earth ! *WHAT CAN and MUST we do ?*

* Inform everyone you can.
* DEMAND that nuclear radiation CEASE as a means of toxifying and  destroying  earth, water, and atmosphere !
* DEMAND facts and accept NO excuses. ZERO excuses.

PRAY. yes. but get actively involved also, ... because *THIS is about LIFE and the future of all life on this planet. - make no mistake: THOSE are the actual stakes.*
*Even if it appears to be too late to win: DO SOMETHING.*
*ODE TO MOTHER EARTH: 2011-2016, ... and yes, it is very very late* . . .
what is more beautiful than a wholly white polar bear and her playful cubs?
who out-sings the sweet morning song of the skylark and the robin ?
do you love also the living sea, that vast vast ocean and her teeming life
that sounds forth the heartbeat of her rhythmic waves
from the beginnings of time ?
tell me,
do you love her ? do you mourn for her ?

the deer, the doe, the buck and coyote
have not yet disappeared. they peer back at us with eyes that somehow dimly understand the gravity of their soon and rushing demise. 
*look  look  look what we have done.*(!)

*no. no. no!!! I say. draw the line NOW 
and don't back down 
ever EVER again.*
for  GOD, mostly unnamed, misnamed & unknown,
looks down with a heavy, mournful and raging heart
that Will hold every human life and soul accountable
for how His earth and gift of Life has been treated
since everything went far far south and
East of Eden.

rage on, then, weary warriors.
mother earth, I say,  is fully WORTH the battle and the scars.
I stand with you. I stand with you & sweet Mother earth until this breath and all strength with it is given back to the Amazing Creator Who brought her forth, ... and along with her, you & i and all that we could ever hold dear.

remember this also: GOD IS WATCHING, ... and keeping a perfect record of who does what and who does nothing.

"a thought poem", - a sweeping Truth that came to me this morning via inspiration and then written out almost word-for-word exactly as it is found here:
thought poem: Timelessness
many many many did not know or figure
that mortality, entropy, death
was and is [sometimes sudden; sometimes a clumsy] transition
to a higher
or lower
form of frequency of thought, perception, experience, existence and ... Life.

yes. religion (along with many things)
was & is a form of escape,
but concepts and dreams and dogmas are  (mostly hidden) metaphors
for the inevitable transition
and a "move" into a far greater reality than this one.

hell is too horrible to long contemplate, so let us leave that, for now, and think and consider
and the seven (and many) wonders thereof . . .
* THERE IS no perception (or threat) of "the passage of time."
 time does not exist There as we "know it" here.
*  everything is NOW and the flawless Ideal and Peacefull Flowing Balance among all living beings who dwell There.
* love and joy are married in every relationship.
* we will {within the boundaries of GOD'S Moral Universe} and it is manifest immediately or "soon" for our enjoyment.
* we learn & live wisdom & truth.  knowledge is merely a means of applying the will in wisdom.
Above all:
* death & darkness has been swallowed up in victory by the Victorious Messiah-Redeemer. 
all know it. all HONOR that Great Truth.
*  THE LIGHT OF MESSIAH Yahshuah/Yeshuah/YAhOshuah and His Will IS THE CENTER of all. 
* Yah ahvahshuah and YahOvah-Yah ahvah Rule Supreme as King and Creator of all that Is:
and hell.

hell? GOD created hell ? 
yes. for the d/evil & his demons... and those who choose
their ways.
it was created as prison & punishment
for devils, goats, tares, darkness, and nephilim:
it is, in fact, the final captivity
and destiny of their choices.

we do not, of course, want to think much about hell.
it is a place without THE LIGHT or comfort of Love
or The Presence of GOD.  it is, in truth, *the absence of GOD* in the Light of His Countenance and Favor.
it is banishment. a casting out and a casting forth
headlong into the absolute baseness, - horrendously devoid of character or Moral Order.
it is dimly & truly reflected here in the squalor & curse of poverty,
ghettos, prisons, solitary confinement, and the pain of isolation and loneliness.
hell is the polar opposite of Heaven.
(but then: you knew that. ... only that so many ASSUME neither {place} exists because they do not see radio waves or the results of the WIFI, ... yes?)

but dreams and earthly life dimly reflect BOTH.

Heaven is for those who forsake sin and the ways of the world for A FAR BETTER WORLD where Rules The Moral Law and Beauty of The King.

Please understand: choices have been made
in Heaven
and on and in earth.
where you go in the transition
depends upon who and what you love and choose HERE.
Do not, do not, do NOT reject The Light of the world, -
The Savior Who was willing to sacrifice Himself
to cover the sins and the hell that you and i deserve.

against sin.

the temporal consequences belong to all upon the earth.
eternal reward/recompense [whether in Heaven or hell]
belongs to those who prove themselves over & over
as to what Sspirit they are of.
and, as The Master said so well and very clearly,
"the tree is known by its fruit."

and then finally...
RANDOM THOUGHTS WORTH PONDERING when you have time to reflect a bit...

"When it's all been said and done: we are all going to wish we had DONE MORE ... and SAID LESS." ~ Anonymous
(this one just stuck in my mind first time I heard it) ... it's quoted also in my little booklet distributed all over the place, titled: WISDOM FOR THE WISE.

* DEFINE GOD. research that thoroughly based upon much reading, research, REALITY & observation.
Then define GOD more precisely, ... and LIVE BY that defining Truth.

* GOD Is The Perfect Idea and Ideal, and is the defining standard for everything right & righteous & pure.
GOD Is Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer, and Judge.
GOD Is Holy. ... and what does "Holy" mean ?
pure radiant white-Light, flawless,
morally perfect in every way, pure & righteous
in thought, will, word, and deed.

"In HIM is no darkness at all, nor shadow of turning."

HE IS, therefore, Holy in Moral Purity and Forever in the fullness of Truthe.
Holy Love. Divine Love.

It is important to understand that GOD demands or requires that we honor Him
and do not dishonor or disobey Him and His rules governing HIS Creation and HIS universe. - this is called "The Wisdom of the Reverential Fear of THE LORD." - the Proverbs, in fact, refers to this as "THE BEGINNING of wisdom..." 

as you honor Him, you are blest.
when we (or you) dishonor Him: you will be shamed, condemned, and yes: punished. {especially for willful disobedience} - and this according to the degree of the sin or transgression or offense.

* Now think: what are the worst sins?
betrayal. treachery. malice. cruelty. violence against another without real due cause. hate. anger. murder. rape. child-molestation (ie/defilement of the innocent). lust for power and self-exaltation above others and even above GOD !
The worst sin ? - the willful betrayal of GOD, The Beneficent Ruling King & Creation, and open defiance of His Rulership and Moral Authority.

GOD IS ETERNAL, WHO ALONE can impart immortality to soul and body.
GOD IS INFINITE Spirit, Will, & Being.
Infinite Consciousness & Wisdom.
Omnipresent/everywhere present BY HIS SPIRIT,
Omniscient, - which means He knows everything about everything and everybody in one effortless instant of PURE PERCEPTION & UNDERSTAND.
without beginning OR end.
The Alpha & the Omega in time, space, and creation.
GOD also, in my view, observations, and understanding, GOD also transcends time, words, and mere human concepts. Therefore, we should rightly stand (and kneel) in AWE of GOD in that He is far beyond the finite and the created world, including humans.
G-ah-d. ELOHEEM: 
THE LORD GOD YahOvah-Yah ahvah:
YahwA ~ YahvA ~ YahOvah-Yah ahvah !


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