Saturday, March 19, 2016

you need to see this: a VERY important and astounding testimony that may well prove to be true:
amazing excerpt of testimony of a young Israeli boy, Natan, who had a near-death (and an out-of-body) experience of going to Heaven and receiving revelation regarding what happens in the LAST DAYS.....
This is an excerpt from a very extraordinary testimony: Rabbi Rami Levy interviews 15 year old Israeli boy, Natan, w/English Subtitles - This is a clear and bold testimony about The End of Days coming very soon.
additional links are found here:
Tho we may not agree entirely with ALL of this now very famous "visitation to heaven" and prophetic insight, this may very well be a prophetic warning of what is soon coming upon Israel and THE WHOLE WORLD...
above all:
PRAY for the Remnant of Israel - Y'israel, *and* for the Remnant of GOD's people in all nations.
Yeshuah is the Savior-Redeemer and Messiah of Israel and the world. {or what will remain of it AFTER the Judgments of Almighty GOD, - Yahu-ah YahOvah-Yah ahvah !}
 Here also is an in depth study {including the videos and transcripts} of what the 15 year old Israeli boy, Natan, had to share with Israel and the world just this past October, 2015 ...
RE:The Amazing prophetic vision of Natan

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