Thursday, May 19, 2016

Remember and bear in mind that language (as it has evolved) is a human and Divine means of communicating via symbols and spoken sounds, - language is a means of communicating knowledge, insight, reality, understanding, and Life. - language can be a prison and very limiting, ... but it also brings a real and useful order out of chaos and darkness and ignorance {ie/that which is without Light or Understanding}.
For instance: names bring a certain identity and meaning with them.
ULTIMATE meaning Is GOD Himself, - THE GROUND OF ALL BEING and The Moral Center of the Universe. {"moral" being THAT which orders all relationships rightly and in the beauty of harmony, not in chaos or mere randomness and seeming meaninglessness}

Now having said that as an introduction, what follows is ONLY for
those who can receive it. - for those who LOVE THE NAME and
PERSON OF GOD/G-ah-d, and who are not adverse to knowing
and meditating (that is: carefully reflecting) upon His Holy Name,
and those who (most of all) will only speak or write (or even think or reflect upon) His Name with true reverence and the honor due His Holy Name and Person.
Love Him, fear Him, worship Him, honor Him
above all else and all others.
*Ecclesiastes 12:13-14; 3:14.

"HE ALONE Which hath immortality, and ALONE can impart this to any other being..." {2 Timothy 6:15-16; Jude, 24-25}
you desire immortality and eternal life ? HONOR HIM above all else and above all others. "...for HE Is thy LORD: worship thou Him."
Now, regarding THE AWESOME NAME OF THE ETERNAL AND HOLY GOD of Heaven and earth..... His Name has been hidden and obscured by satan and carnal men for many many centuries.
First things first: "ha" and "ah" are directly related as the shortened form of "Yah"{which means essentialy: "THE ETERNAL, THE BEGINNING & GROUND OF ALL BEING"}
"ha" = "the" or "THE".
"ah" = "Yah".
F ahther-G-ah-d. Ahbah Fahther.
Yahu-ah - Yahu-ah - Yah Ovah-Yah ahvah:
meaning: "THE ETERNAL SUPREME BEING and Creator/Fahther of Divine Love." {ie/ His Esscnce}

THE THREE DIVINE PERSONS within The Godhead under the supremacy of THE FAHTHER:
1 Yah ahvrah-I Am-ahvah. - referred to also as YahOvah.
2 Yah ahvahshuah ha mah shE-yahch.
3 Yah ahvahshammah {THE Ruach haKOdesh}

THE NAME hidden in plain site, yet obscured by carnal men and those of limited love and understanding:
James = Jacob = Yahcov
Israel - Y'israel = YaHisrael...or: YaHis rI eL.
Jerusalem = Yahrushalem.{Yahrushah-lem}
*See: Daniel 9:19b*

More insight:

Mt. ZI-Yahn
Mt. MOrI-Yah

Yahm Kippur ... Yahm = "day" or "light"
ahvraham. sarah.
Adam = adahmah.
Joshuah, Jeshuah = Yahshuah. Yeshuah.
Isaiah = IzA-yah
Jeremiah = Yer rah mI-yah
Zechariah = ZecharI-yah
Zephaniah = ZephanI-yah
Nehemiah = NE-yah-mI-yah
Hosea = HO sA-yah
Judah = YA hudah ... or: Yahu-dah !
Hezah-chI-yah. YOsI-yah. Elijah-EL I-Yahu.
DAvid = DahvEd.
are you beginning to SEE His Name ? ... yes, it has been somewhat hidden or just "beneath the surface", but ALWAYS THERE right in plain sight.
Remember: "ahvah" means in essence: Divine Love.
ha ahvah ! Yah-ahvah ! hah lah lu Yah ! - always give Him the glory due His Name.

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