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If I had A FINAL MESSAGE to share with the world, IT WOULD BE THIS:

If I had a final message to share with the world, ... IT WOULD BE THIS . . .
RE: The Awesome, Glorious Nature of The Triune Godhead:
Yahu-ah - Yah Ovah-Yah ahvah. - The Moral Center of the universe and all that is created: both seen and unseen, known and unknown.
The first thing that needs to be understood is That within The Eternal Godhead There Is A Perfect Oneness of Love, Trust, Fidelity, Will, Purpose, and BEing.
there is no "yin-yang".
no "male-female".
no "this or that" in opposition or disharmony or "conflict of interest".
But rather
WHAT IS within The G-ah-dhead Is Perfect Harmony of the IDEAL attributes of
* masculine {ahvraham, Yahcov, Moses, David, *Yeshuah*}
* the feminine {Miriam, Hannah, Deborah, Abigail, Ruth, Naomi}.
GOD Is Pure Truth, Holy, Righteous Moral Purity
That Is saturated through and through with Divine Light and Love
That Is Good, Gracious, and Just.
creation, however, - which is GOD bringing Life and creation into being, creation required from the very beginning the gift and sacrifice of creating individuals, - sentient beings, - spirits and souls with a will and capacity to choose *even* whether to love or honor GOD, their Creator.
The great "mystery of iniquity" is this: WHY??? would any angel or son or daughter of Fahther-G-ah-d willfully want, desire, or choose opposition to or open defiance of GOD and His Authority ???
The answer is, (as far as I can understand or ascertain) the answer is the seducing sin and temptation of pride, self-exaltation, eg0, self-will, envy, and the desire for a false freedom or "liberty" OUTSIDE of the Wise and Righteous protection, harmony, and boundaries of GOD'S Moral Law and Authority.
In GOD's universe and Kingdom: HE makes the Rules and HE enforces them: both with reward ... and consequences.
He sitteth upon His Throne, and "all things are before His Face."
As it is sometimes said, "man proposes (and chooses), and then GOD disposes {dispenses the results}."
~ Ecclesiastes 12:7, and verses 13-14; also: chapter 3, verse14.

Life, (especially human life) is very complicated and conflicted. it is much like (in essence) a flowing river and the floating, drifting ever-changing clouds and sky. ..... it is much also like the bird seeking its food and a mate and nourishment also for their young-dependents waiting eagerly for their care.
but beyond that, humankind has this darkness of self-desire, selfish-willfulness, and even destructiveness that defiles nearly everything.

What can be done to overcome this terrible dilemma and bring redemption and transformation ?
HE did it.
Redemption opened the Door to confession, repentance, forgiveness and inner-transformation
by the Power of the Gospel
and the Gift of the Holy Spirit.
Understand this great Truth: we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, - The True Temple of GOD{YHVH}, - a Temple made without hands.
His final goal and resting place is YaHisraeL and Yahrushalem/YahrooshaLOm.
Life, - as G-ah-d created it, - is beautiful: a gift, - truly a gift.
but the world of sin, the world of men and miseries and violence, - yes, - even much of *nature*, - "thre natural-world under the sun" is ruthless, violent and treacherous. often VERY treacherous. - its once pristine beauty and harmony has been severely twisted, corrupted and defiled by the sin and betrayal of lucifer/satan, eve, and adam {the first earthly son of GOD}.
The *betrayal* of Love and Truthe is at the heart of every misery and curse that has come upon creation, fallen angels, and fallen humanity.
do *you* know the way out of this very real dilemma and moral defilement ?
"I AM The Way,
The Truthe and
The LIFEternal.
*no one* is reconciled to GOD The Father
except by (and through) Me."
{paraphrasing precisely what Yeshuah/Jesus said about Himself and reconciliation/salvation}

For you see:
*He paid the ransom price.*
He paid the debt *IN FULL*.
we owe Him everything.
and that involves a full transfer of ownership:
Yeshuah, The Saviour becomes LORD & KING.

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